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Honoring Those Who Served

A non-profit organization committed to making Veteran voices and stories heard

welcome to VETERAN INK

Honoring Those Who Served & The Stories Behind Their Ink

The VETERAN INK project was started to honor Veterans and tell the stories behind their tattoos. Our goal is to create an open platform for Veterans to share their military experiences through photos and videos of their ink. Being a non-profit for Veterans, we hope to raise awareness about issues plaguing the Veteran community and let other Veterans know they are not alone.

We are always looking for new stories to share. If you are a Veteran with tattoos related to your military experience, we encourage you to share your story with us. Your story could change another Veteran’s life. We pride ourselves on the community we have built, and the work we have done. However, there is still a lot of work to do. With an estimated 22 Veterans committing suicide every day, we hope to put a dent in that statistic.

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What we do

VETERAN INK offers a place for veterans to tell their stories and truly be heard. By donating to VETERAN INK, you not only help us continue to build our community and create a space for open dialogue regarding mental health issues, but also you help us achieve our mission of providing a platform for veterans and their family members to exchange life-changing stories of their time during and after service.


Our Goals

Youtube For Veteran Tattoos
Sharing More Stories

With your help, we have been able to revamp our efforts in helping Veterans share the stories behind their service-related tattoos and military experience.

Our Community With Veteran Tattoos
Expanding Our Community

We truly believe in creating a space for open dialogue where Veterans can help one another cope with their experiences and traumas.

Veteran Tattoos That Tell A Story
Helping Veterans Express Themselves

We take pride in being able to help Veterans get tattoos as a form of artistic expression, coping method, and tribute to their military service.

Every Donation Make A Difference

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