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USMC Veteran Brandon Stevens's Tattoo Story

At 18 years old, Brandon wanted to get out of town and start a new path — That’s when he decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps. 

“Fast, chaotic, and epic,” that’s how Brandon described his military experience although, he says it definitely wasn’t what he expected. Still, he is proud to have served.

“One day I was in… One day I was out, and a lot happened…” 

He has several tattoos, but one that hits home for him is his full back piece, which symbolizes mental illness and awareness. 

“It’s a skull and a man trapped behind the eyes as if he’s in prison, meaning ‘your mind is your greatest prison.’ “

He says his tattoo signifies his on-going battle with PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

“Life after the military was confusing… I was trying to find a new purpose, so there was a period of time where I felt lost.” 

Now, Brandon feels like he’s found that purpose at Veteran Adviser Consulting. Every day he helps Veterans increase their disability rating and maximize their disability benefits. 

“It feels great [helping Veterans]. Everybody that we work with absolutely deserves more compensation.”

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