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U.S. Navy Veteran Ciena Faeth's Tattoo Story

Ciena Faeth says she had a great experience in the Navy. She enlisted in 2007. After the military, she wanted to do something more, so she joined an organization called “Red, White and Blue” and started running marathons every month with a full-size American flag. 

“I run for those who died for the flag. I run for those who can no longer run, and I run for those who have given up a part of their life for our country.” 

Ciena has several tattoos:

  • A full-back tattoo of the U.S. flag
  • One tattoo on each of her side of her rib cage
  • Her service dog’s footprints
  • A leg sleeve of 3 wolves taking down an elk
  • A crying woman with a rose over her mouth that signifies the depression she has been struggling with since she’s been out.
Ciena Tattoo Story
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