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USMC Veteran Stacy Roman's Tattoo Story

Stacy joined the military when she was 19 years old. She served a total of 10 years in the Marine Corps.

She has two military-related tattoos:

  • The word “Kill” on her left foot to symbolize the “kill foot” associated with Marines
  • A stick figure drill instructor which she drew one day on the drill field

Stacy recalls the time when she had a star tattoo on the back of her neck. When she wanted to enlist in the Marine Corps at the age of 18, she says the recruiter told her she couldn’t have the tattoo because of their tattoo regulations. 

She says it costs more to get it removed, so she had a plastic surgeon cut it out.  

“As soon as I got to boot camp, though, my senior drill instructor had a tattoo on the back of her neck, and I was really pissed… but she was obviously grandfathered in, so she could have it.”

Stacy says her tattoos remind her of the time she spent on the drill field and all of the things that are “unexplainable” about the military.

“Especially the Marine Corps, we’re our own breed anyways.”

Stacy Roman
Stacy Roman
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