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U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Anthony Medrano's Tattoo Story

Anthony Medrano served a total of 15 years in the Marine Corps.

He has four marine tattoos and each one has a different story:

  • An eagle with a dagger
  • The Marine Corps emblem
  • His first marine division “Blue Diamond”
  • And “USMC” tattoo on the back of his leg because he wanted everyone to know that he was a marine when he was running

Anthony was in charge of overseeing the Wounded Warrior Battalion in San Diego, CA. He says after seeing so many amputations and bodily injuries, it took him to a place he didn’t think he would be able to come back from. Struggling with PTSD and severe depression combined with the loss of his 18-month-old son, he said he knew he had to get help.

“I believe that anybody who goes to the Military is a whole different person after they get out.”

Blue Diamond
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