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Our Mission

VETERAN INK is a non-profit organization with a community of over 150,000 Veterans. We are dedicated to spreading awareness of Veterans’ mental health struggles by sharing the stories behind their military experiences and service-related tattoos. For many Veterans, especially those suffering from PTSD, getting tattooed is a form of escapism. Tattoos help individuals share their stories without ever having to tell them — That’s why we believe behind every Veteran tattoo is a story aching to be told. Your donations help us continue our mission and maintain our community.

How You Can Help

Whether it’s a simple donation or buying some of our VETERAN INK merch, any type of contribution is appreciated. However, the best way to support our cause is by sponsoring one of our videos. For every Veteran, hearing a different yet similar military story helps them cope with the challenges that come with transitioning into civilian life. By donating, you help us continue to create videos featuring new Veterans every week.

Not only you will be helping our cause, but your business will also have a 5 – 10 second ad including links and a brief description advertised within our videos and social media channels.

Where The Proceeds Go

By donating to VETERAN INK, you not only help us continue to build our community and space for open dialogue regarding mental health issues, but you help us continue our mission in filming videos dedicated to sharing Veterans’ stories.


Vet to Vet Tattoos

We arrange and fund Veteran to Veteran tattoo sessions, which serve as a mental release for Veterans suffering from mental illnesses.


Video Production

A portion of the proceeds goes to renting video equipment and a photo studio to create more videos that share Veterans’ stories.



Merchandise gives our supporters something tangible as opposed to just making a cash donation. We also give away our merch to Veterans.



Advertising across various social media platforms allows us to reach Veterans and helps us amplify the stories behind their military tattoos.



The remaining portion of our donations is allocated to Veteran Ink’s administration costs. This ensures the development and credibility of our organization.

Help Veterans by Donating to our mission

Who Will See Your Content

Although our audience is heavily dominated by Veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, our page hosts a diverse niche. From military mothers, spouses, and civilians who just want to support our troops. Some of our best advertisers are our audience members, who regularly re-share the content we publish on our digital platforms.

All VETERAN INK YouTube videos are promoted on our Social Media Channels as well.

Our Audience 18-65 y.o.

  • Men
  • Women

Latest Instagram Activity Highlights

Accounts Reached - 163,300
Content Interactions - 4,202
Impressions - 412,000
Instagram Followers - 4,200

Latest Facebook Stats

Video Views - 49,000
People Reached Monthly - 268,500
Page Likes - 156,400
Page Followers - 155,600

What Your Donation Will Give You

By donating to our non-profit you will get to sponsor one of our veteran videos. View a short example of your video placements to see how your ad will look. Sponsorship includes the following;

  • 10-15 second teaser image
  • Card overlay with a direct link
  • Link to your website in video description
  • Social media mention on our channels
This week's video bid ends on Friday, July 23rd, at 12 pm.

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