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How to create a Crypto Wallet with Coinbase Wallet MetaMask

How to create a Crypto Wallet with Coinbase Wallet

10 minute tutorial

Step 1: Download Coinbase Wallet app.

The Coinbase wallet is available on the following links for Apple and Android devices:

Coinbase Wallet on Apple


Coinbase Wallet on Android 

Step 2: Open the Coinbase Wallet app.

You will see the Welcome screen, with the two options:

Create a new Wallet and I already have a wallet.


Since this is your first wallet, select “Create a new Wallet”.

Next, you will need to go through the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service then click on “Accept”.

Step 3: Creating a Coinbase Wallet.

Create a username for your wallet. With a username, you can trade between other Coinbase Wallet users.

Next, you will need to choose privacy preferences. Choose your preferred settings, we advise choosing the recommended setting.

Step 4: Secure your wallet.

Choose how you would like to protect your wallet. You can choose a passcode and/or your device protection service such as FaceID or Fingerprint.


We recommend to set up both.

Next you will need to backup your wallet with a secret recovery phrase. This will give you access to your wallet, in case your phone is lost or stolen. Never share this recovery phrase with anyone.


Securely store your secret recovery phrase. Be ready to relay them back in the order you got them in. 

Step 5: Explore and get familiar with your new Crypto Wallet.

You will see the user dashboard also called the portfolio. You will have options to send and receive funds, and scan QR codes.


Also, the total balance of the wallet is shown on top of the screen.

Step 6: Receive your first NFT worth $15 from Veteran Ink!

Click on “Receive” then you will see a list of several types of crypto currency.

Our NFT is on the Ethereum Blockchain, therefore click on “Ethereum”. 


You will see a QR code and address. This address is used to receive cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Click on “Share Address” then click “Copy”.


Next, paste it in the form below so we can send you your very first NFT valued at $30!

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