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VETERAN INK’s Tattoo Gallery

Click The Photos Below To Read The Story Behind Each Tattoo.

Lane Harris
Lane Harris
Justin Brant (IG: @jab_trd_socal)
Casey Wieckowski (IG: @afflfdvictoryvhcfitec2309)
Jordan Leitsch (IG: @onelegwonder0311)
April Greeson
Jeremiah (IG: @amped2bfit)
Dennis Ashby
Justin Shelhammer
Ryan Clark
William Freeman
USMC Veteran Kenny Mushrush
Amy Shackles
Robert Price
Alicia Speelman
Donald Maerker
John McKnight (IG: @longislandjack)
Matthew Davies
Clifton Gilbert
Daniel Chavez
Jim Fuller
Chris Viola
Matt Davies
Greg Dunn
Zachary Sandofrd
Rikki Miller

Submit your military-related tattoos

To keep the platform alive, we are always looking for new tattoos and stories to publish! If you have any military-related tattoos, please share it with our team for a chance to be reposted on our website and social media channels.

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