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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by a father whose child served in the USMC, VETERAN INK is a community dedicated to supporting Veterans and sharing the profound stories behind their tattoos. Our founder’s personal experience ignited a passion for making a difference in the lives of Veterans grappling with mental health issues post-service. Over the years, our organization has grown into a vibrant community of over 175,000 Veterans. We remain committed to providing the resources and platform that help Veterans nationwide, even if it’s one Veteran at a time.

  • During my interview, I felt at ease because of the people that were around me. It felt good to tell my story about my tattoos and, at the same time, sad because of the memories that follow them, but overall it was good to talk about it. The team was great at understanding and being patient with me. Thank you Veteran Ink
    Joshua Lopez, USMC Veteran
    Joshua Lopez, USMC Veteran
  • I'm happy Vet Ink gave me the platform to be able to share my story with other vets going through the same thing. The past isn't always easy to talk about and discuss. It was cool being about to talk about my own expression through the art on my body.
    Brandon Stevens, USMC Veteran
    Brandon Stevens, USMC Veteran
Forrest Lang Veteran Tattoos

Our Mission

VETERAN INK is a leading nonprofit organization proudly uniting a community of over 175,000 Veterans. We are dedicated to raising awareness of Veterans’ mental health struggles by providing the resources to create and share the stories behind their military experiences and service-related tattoos. For many Veterans, especially those who are struggling with service-connected disabilities or mental health conditions, getting tattooed is a form of escapism. Tattoos help individuals share their stories without ever having to tell them. That’s why we believe every Veteran that desires to heal through tattoo therapy should have the resources and space where their stories can thrive.

Where The Proceeds Go
VETERAN INK provides resources for Veterans seeking to express their stories and experiences through ink. By donating to VETERAN INK, you are directly fueling the growth of our Ink Fund Program and like-minded community, ensuring Veterans have access to the resources and people that understand and honor their unique stories, creating a lasting impact in their lives. Above all, your generosity empowers Veterans to use tattoos as a form of artistic expression, a unique coping mechanism, and a tribute to their invaluable military service.


Ink Fund

We arrange and fund Veteran to Veteran tattoo sessions, which serve as a unique coping mechanism for military- experiences too difficult to process and express verbally.


Community Initiatives

We provide a trusted community where veterans can continue, share, and celebrate their ink journey, fostering understanding, trust, and empowerment.


Historian Duties

A small portion of proceeds helps our team capture these special and transformative experiences so we can reach even more Veterans and make an even bigger impact in our community.

Every Donation Make A Difference

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