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What Are Presumptive Conditions?

The VA has strict limitations to whether or not a Veteran receives disability compensation. All disabilities must have a proven and clear connection to your time in service. Therefore, if you can not provide proof, the VA will deny your disability claim.

However, depending on your period of service, deployment history, and disability, you may qualify for automatic compensation. According to the VA, this means you may be eligible to receive Presumptive Disability Benefits because they presume that specific disabilities were a direct result of military service. To clarify, there is no need to provide any proof that a particular disability is service-connected, and it does not need to appear in your service medical records.

We hope this guide provides a better understanding of what Presumptive Conditions are and how they work. You may be entitled to disability benefits based on the area you served in.



Presumptive Conditions

Veterans in the following groups may qualify for presumptive disability benefits if they have certain diagnoses.


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