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Bob Stiles Memorial of Proud Family Service

My ink represents my pride in my family’s proud service to our great country. My Grandfather served in the Army as a cavalryman and was injured in the last horse Calvary charge in combat in the Army. His injuries forced a reclassification to a mess sergeant in the Army Air Corps. When the Air Corp was re-designated as its own branch of service (Airforce) all of the members of the Air Corps were also re-designated. He served in WWII, Korea and retired with 35 years’ service from the Airforce. I joined the Army as an Infantryman right out of high school and served in the Panama, and Somalia conflicts as well as Dessert Storm and ultimately retired after 22 years of service. I have 7 children of which 4 also joined the Army. My son Robert is currently an Infantryman and has served 10 years so far. He has deployed to Afghanistan once and is currently on his third tour in Iraq. My 2nd son joined as a Rigger and did one tour at Ft Benning and ETS’d. My daughter Samantha joined the finance corps and is currently stationed with 5th Group. She has one deployment to Iraq and has served 3 years so far. My youngest son Matthew just recently graduated AIT and is stationed at Ft. Bragg as an MP. To honor the service and sacrifice my family has made in keeping this country great I had this tattoo designed. It has a dog tag for each of us with names and our branch of service. For me it is my best piece and will always stand as demonstration of the pride I have for the honorable lineage. I have left room at the bottom in case of family additions to the service. I still need to get my youngest son’s dog tag added. I also have 2 sons in laws who served, one in the Army and one in the Marines. To everyone out there, I will listen if you need to talk. Take pride in what you have done, there is nothing more honorable in this country than to serve.

Bob Stiles U.S. Army, 1SG, Ret

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